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1  VMWare Infrastructure / ESXi Server / esxi 5.1 password reset
 on: Today at 10:51:08 
Started by martinez06 | Post by martinez06  
I have few servers connected to one vcenter, but now I need to login  to server not by vcenter. I dont remember password. Is possibility to recover or reset password from vcenter

Any help with this would be great.

2  VMWare Infrastructure / ESXi Server / final year project
 on: 07/20/14 at 03:49:39 
Started by project23 | Post by project23  
not sure if this is the right section to post . i need to submit a final year project based on virtualization , it should be of aproxx 10 thousand words . my plan is to install a vmware esxi hypervisor on my existing laptop and then on top of it install multiple os including ubuntu ( as host machine )  , pfsense ( for firewalling and NAT working as edge device ) and i will add one more machine working as email server and show that as a file and database server too . i have video trainings from cbt nuggets , lynda related to vmware virtualization platform so that would be pretty helpful . Note that i wont be installing esxi on my laptop directly , it has a windows 7 and in that it would have vmware workstation , inside the vmware workstation i would have esxi which would then have all those softwares . my current laptop is Lenevo t400 with 500 GB of hdd and 6gb ram , it has a core2duo 2.2ghz processor i believe , it would be nested vm case I believe .

The examiner did say that I should focus on my own terms rather than going product oriented but I think just a few of the starting section would be of terms and technologies and further it would become product oriented .

can anyone here please give me some comments , guides , samples . If the above specs of my laptop wont work on this can you please provide me some hosting companies address from where i can rent a dedicated server for a month and make my project .

3  VMWare Infrastructure / Virtual Centre / Re: vCenter not reflecting VM config
 on: 07/18/14 at 03:29:41 
Started by Karel | Post by Karel  
The vCentre inventory service had a problem updating.
This KB was my solution.

(I'm not allowed to add a hyperlink in this post.... So copy and paste...  Wink )



4  VMware Desktop Solutions / VMWare Player / Even+if+he+got+himse
 on: 07/09/14 at 22:48:54 
Started by Sfsqahzabc757 | Post by Sfsqahzabc757  
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5  VMWare Infrastructure / ESXi Server / ESXi WRITE SAME failed on linux guests
 on: 06/30/14 at 01:53:07 
Started by CRC | Post by CRC  
Hello all,
Just wondering if someone else hit this issue. I'm using a Dell 12th generation server (R720) with a PERC SAS controller (H710 mini). No matter what flavor of Linux I'm trying to install in a fully patched ESXi 5.5, I always get these failures in the system logs:

Jun 24 17:03:57 kernel: [  177.307916] dm-0: WRITE SAME failed. Manually zeroing.

Anyone hit/seen this before?

Kind regards,

6  VMWare General discussions / General VMWare Discussions Forum / Re: Running SCO Unix VMs [help needed]
 on: 06/18/14 at 03:21:14 
Started by cc it admin | Post by cc it admin  

Can we have your feedback please?

7  VMWare Infrastructure / VMware Scripts / especially in the a
 on: 06/17/14 at 07:48:19 
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8  VMWare Infrastructure / VMware Scripts / ????????????????????
 on: 06/16/14 at 03:20:02 
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9  VMWare Server / VMWare Server General / a+recent+report+int
 on: 06/04/14 at 22:42:59 
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10  VMWare General discussions / General VMWare Discussions Forum / vmware newbie question
 on: 06/04/14 at 11:58:04 
Started by telemonkey | Post by telemonkey  
I am new to vmware and trying to figure things out. I am looking to prestage some severs in our lab and was curious if I built everything on our vmware servers could i take a snapshot and reinstall on the customers vmware if we were both running the same version? If so is it that simple or is there more to it? Any help would be greatly appericiated.